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The engines have stopped..(snowboarding vs surfing) PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 13 February 2008

it's 'arder, arry
...but the Poms are still whining. Surfing is occasionally frustrating. Unbelievably, from Ho'okipa to Honolua Bay Maui has no real webcam service for any of the surfbeaches. This makes for lovely trips to flat spots advertised as 4 ft, or overhead spots declared 1-3 ft. In the same way you are glued to snow reports when snowboarding, the same daily update exists for surfing. But they tend to be overly generic or woefully inaccurate. Anyway, here's a snowboarder's assessment of the surf thing.

- free
- no carbon footprint, unless you consider your own food intake rising & you are eating corn-based foods
- riding kinetic, not potential, energy (ok, dodgy physics gcse explanation but there's something in the taming-of-the-wave-beast theory)
- no two waves the same
- ogling scantily-dressed members of the opposite sex. Not too many tubs o lard out there, nor are there Texans wearing jeans...
- that cosmic feeling of being in an ocean of warm water, enhanced by leaping whales, snooping turtles and get-away-from-me-you-shark-bait seals.
- like yoga and, allegedly, some dodgier forms of entertainment, surfing seems to leave a higher high than snowboarding, even if the experience was not that good at the time. Zarbi.

- a requirement for steroid-shaped muscles means that unlike 'boarding you are not going to be surfing all day
- the crash possibilties in a big wave are infinitely scarier than on a mountain. Board fins hurt. Other people's boards hurt. Sharp coral bottoms suck. Urchins blow. - wave crowding seems worse than mountain crowding. see previous point.
- the learning X/Y axes are higher, longer by an order of magnitude than strapping a board to your feet and pointing down. Paddle-battle, reading waves, shorter boards, bigger waves, duck diving, cutting back etc etc. Every aspect is trickier.
- more than skiing one is at the mercy of conditions. Too flat, too big, closing out, blown out seem to be more than intermittent climatic problems (in Maui, at least)

Now then, how am I meant to continue this sport in CO? 

It's been mellow times, hanging out in Northwest Maui. Christmas started by gorging on a Luau with endless Hawaiian punch / maitais, and upped pace as we traversed the globe to New York nearly-NewYear's trip to the Big Island. Unlike Maui, the Big Island actually feels somewhat foreign. There are Hawaiian language radio channels, the population seems to be not just tourists and, most shockingly, it's hippied out.

Here's a little vid made for Cush of the Enspiria Hawaii Office...


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riding around in 15 mph buggies...

riding around in 15 mph buggies...

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