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Monday, 03 September 2007

who needs facebook?
With its emotional & technical feet firmly planted in 1999, frosties aspires to web 1.0 retro-chic; broken links, static and/or outdated content high up on the naffometer are all the rage here. Perhaps this is all part of the aging (age-denying ) process. People do seem to be getting hitched in droves, and as if to drive the point home JB & Susan got engaged on the day of Seanie's 40th (Australian overload), a few days before Tonks & Aly get hitched in Copper.

Having made a small investment into friendster all those years ago, can I be harsed to sign up for bebo/linkedln/facebook/myspace etc? Having said that, let me fall into that prominent feature of new-fangled websites by posting dozens too many unedited snaps from Tonks' wallet-gorging Vegas Bachelor party Friday , late Friday (featuring Superbulge) & Saturday's more restrained ghostbar night. And a few more from the Tonks dancefloor and associated Copper Mansion afterparty. M

Summer snaps continue with the mason-penn cottonwood pass birthday extravaganza , sailing on lake dillon and a picturesque weekend of biking/hiking/boozing in Aspen for Labor Day

Cheers to Seanie for continued video service this summer, including copper mtn biking and the vicious duckie trip below

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