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Saturday, 21 July 2007

Feeling queasy
"Experienced Professionals? They have dragged out their life in stupor and semi-sleep". Spot on, son. Those of us who are not professionals are amateurs, on whom "You can imagine a morose idleness behind their importance: they see the long parade of pretences, they yawn, they think there's nothing new under the sun...When all is said and done, they have never understood anything at all". Guess it _is_ difficult to be human.

Anyway, the reason why I've been trying to digest schizophrenic/nihilistic? musings on what it's all about is that I was stuck in Portland airport. 6 trips in 9 weeks, blech. Thank gawd the city is the spiritual antithesis of sh**lanta. The Pacific Northwest is so godless it could be European. God bless!  Speaking of godless things, switching on the telly yielded a somewhat disturbing Lindsay ad (sorry, Linds, the "emotional" one was less imitating life etc).

Pix from DC's 32nd / anniversary trip, camping/hiking/4thjuly and Lance/Steph's wedding. Here's a gratuitous honeybadger video. Snakes bad. HBs good. Could a mongoose beat a honeybadger? Not unless it could get pass its invincibility ...


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