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Wednesday, 20 June 2007

To wake up at noon on a weekend, suffering dearly from the effects of an extended free boozathon. Suit bestrewn around house, jacket soaked in red bull and trousers in state of disrepair. Camera displaying the "memorycard full" message. Pete Batty has slammed a wedgeload of snaps up, but he didn't get Rannery flyby ...

Speaking of weddings, it was only a year ago...that the world cup was afoot. Here's a fond memory of the London (fr/n)ightbus experience around that time, Katie providing the honours of scaring the upper-deck unfortunates back downstairs. With a flash in her face, though, she is able to rouse herself from semi-conscious state, turning to her own camera for self-defense...

Aforementioned Neil & Lauren wedding at Denver Cathedral / Governor's Mansion , some neil/lance/tonks bachelor thingy , a bling-bling lindsay sutra party, trip from simon & to sf , a bike-breaking pub crawl and the return of the shannon (sorry stoppenhagens...). From the bachelor party, a tuneful rendition of "you shook me all night long" and ash/tonks shaking off their conservative skins for a bedacle of a stroll down lincoln .

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