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Friday, 13 April 2007

Looks like a badger attack
Back in the mists of time, when he was a real man, JB used to host his own site. Now he just goes Daddy (I'm guessing). Any road, his site had very good uptime, given that it was hosted from the Pearl St basement. Or maybe it was that, unlike now, he made even fewer updates than this site...Back to the point, which is one day his site went boom -- in spite of its linux/apache unhackable backbone. JB described the attackers as "kiddies". He was not referring to his porn collection (that would be of the large nawg variety, not that i know) but the amateur way in which the site was "compromised". I take this now to be "brute force" or "some fugger trying to get into your ftp/terminalservices by trying every word (and combination) of the dictionary. Because it happened to frosties2. Hundreds of thousands of mails have been sent from this domain. Here's to hoping it wasn't kiddyporn...Anyway, a top-level security expert was consulted, and she's been running as smoothly as a chamois ever since.

Some snaps half-inched from Kat of 4/20 in Eagle-Vail , and some homely  frisco/park/neil-bachelorette pix .

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