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Friday, 06 April 2007

ImageAnd so it comes to pass...that time of the year where mountain saddoes, close to the end of the season, inevitably have to mention the number of days they have served on the slopes -- usually by loudly posing the question. All the icepowder, the frostbitegreat outdoors, the  challenging catwalkscliffs, 180s720s and endless hangoverscamaraderie. It all boils down to a number. Luckily, the question rarely strays to number of runs skiied/ridden, amount of time on arse in half-pipe or ratio of ski-time to lodge(pub)time. Anyhoo, the longest season pour moi is mercifully at an end.


Snaps from jb-susan snowcat action / skitime / pubtime , some esri developer summit bobbins in palm springs & a wastathon martini party from gabi / brad. As usual, you may want to use the slick_snaps to view photos...

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