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Quake Loser Sounds

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This page was really made possible by Al and his constant whining. Let it be known that:-

  1. I play no other computer games
  2. I don't own a computer

Nevertheless, when the opportunity came to blow away erstwhile semi-acquaintances I was hardly going to miss out on it.

Here's a page on the Cvg team: quakekillbig_sm.jpg (7300 bytes)

As amusing as the skins are we felt the need to inject a few of the sounds with a comical element. Thanks to Xoom and its unlimited webspace may I present you with:

Spider Dalek (not much of a character but check out those sounds...) sellers.gif (10782 bytes)


Father Ted Sounds (monk) monk.jpg (8567 bytes)


Dalek-Bond Sounds dalek.jpg (4033 bytes)


Chicken-Blackadder Sounds chicken.jpg (3285 bytes)


Klauz-Python Sounds klauz.jpg (3959 bytes)


Spidey-Barmy Sounds spidey.jpg (7726 bytes)

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