The external links list


Recognition, where it's due, to sites in the frosties gravitational zone. Presumably this list will grow from these meager beginnings. Or just fester like the rest of the site.

Type Tendencies
Mate  frosties sponsor

co-JB basher


Mate Technical Purity does not a website make
Geek Career inspiration
Newsletter Gets you in the mood for the weekend
Personal Website Shockblog Classic, an inspiration to us all
Howmuchtimeonyourhands? Blib Blog Bleeb
News Nearly worth the extortionate TV Tax I now find myself forking out
News Worth it for Anatole Kaletsky on Tues/Thurs
News Why reason when you can hector?
Muzak Watch out for James Masterton chart commentary
Mate Dirrrty Sydders. When it's up
Mate Challenge Rufus for Blogcess
Mate's bird Receive updates from some overpriced gadget while overseas
Mate Neil Stone. Heh.

Vanity has slipped 'em by

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